About Spain made for You

Spain made for You (SMFY) promotes small scale tourism to Spain: tourism in which the traveler discovers real and authentic Spain. Destinations, activities, accommodations etcetera are being promoted through Spain made for You’s travel blog www.spainmadeforyou.nl, through Social Media and through articles for other websites/companies.

Spain made for You was founded by Spain expert and travel blogger Ria Poulsen. She speaks fluently Spanish, knows Dutch and Spanish culture very well, lived in Spain for many years and has become an expert in finding special places in the interiors of Spain. Through Spain made for You Ria shares her passion for and knowledge about Spain with others a Dutch audience that is interested in Spain.

Ria Poulsen doesn’t only write articles for Spainmadeforyou.nl. Besides that she writes for Het Andere Spanje, Ambiance Travel, Verkeersbureaus.info, Kosta Nieuws and more.

Spain made for You´s Mission

Spain made for You has a double mission:

  1. To let people in the Netherlands experience and taste authentic Spain, away from mass tourism.
  2. To help companies that have a product related to special holidays to Spain to promote their product on the Dutch market.

How can Ria Poulsen help you?

Do you have a product that is related to a special holidays to Spain? And do you want the product to be promoted on the Dutch market? Then let’s talk and see how I can help you! Spain made for You offers following standard collaboration possibilities:

1. Write article(s) for Spainmadeforyou.nl (about destination, things to see, things to do, gastronomy, accommodation, festivity, travel experience and more). Examples:

2. Translate Article(s) into Dutch for Spainmadeforyou.nl.  Examples:

3. Write product reviews for Spainmadeforyou.nl (about books, restaurants, trips etc.). Examples:

4. Link placement on Spainmadeforyou.nl.

5. Write or translate article or product review for other Dutch medium (website, newspaper, magazine or even brochures). Examples:

6.  PR & marketing through Spain made for You’s Social Media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest).

Do you have other suggestions for product promotion on the Dutch market? Let me know! I am always open for new ideas.

Press trips

Do you want to give special focus to your area or product? Let me experience it through a press trip (individual or group). I travel alone, with friends and with my family (in case you want to promote family tourism). You will be assured of good coverage on spainmadeforyou.nl and the social media Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest (details to be agreed upon in advance).


For more information please contact me! I am looking forward to discuss the possibilities with you!rd to discuss the possibilities with you!